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Email and calls that changed a life March 24, 2013

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– In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful –

Some are blessed with riches, enable them to go far and about,

Some are blessed with blablabla. haha. no idea..

A good friend of mine knows that I like everything about Japan thus emailed me a form for an exchange student program there. Without hesitation, I filled it and went through various obstacles [Especially medical check-up part. Soooo many I’ve to do!] then, all are history.

Months later, August 2012, my family and I were celebrating Raya [one of muslims’ festival] at KL. Was quiet dull because I didn’t receive any email from JOCA to notify whether my application is a success or not. If not, at least tell me.. anything. So, I just assume that I didn’t get the part..

Then, an unknown country code was displaying on my phone.

Me: “Hello”
There: “Herro, is this Noru Syafara Zakariya?”
Me: “Yes”
There: “Oh, I’m from JOCA. Can you send me your emer address? You didn’t provide it in your application form”
Me: “Ok, but, what is yours?”
There: “Go to and get the emer from theya”
Me: “So, does this means that I got the part?”
There: “Yes”
Me: “Ok, I will send you the email. Arigatou gozaimasu”
There: “You are welcome”

Was pretending to be cool there. But, after I hung up, I was happy like a chipmunk got a sardin karipap.

ImageFarewell present from a friend/student: Shuhada. She is verrrrrryyyyyyyyyy nice and pretty =)

ImageLOL: lots of love, hehe. Cake from my usrah group. Love them till the end. Thanks for the cake.

ImageThey made a card. So shweet! I kept this and brought it to Japan with me as motivation ❤

ImageThis is what’s inside ❤

ImageMy usrah group. They are brilliant too.

ImagePresent from Faadila, usrah and labmate. Daru likes this book a lot.

ImagePresent from them. Wore this to play yuki!

ImageMy supervisor also celebrated my departure with our labmates. That’s her wife, Makcik Ma. They are a lot more like a family than supervisors =)

Sorry for the late post and short entry. I’ve no idea currently but I hope even the smallest entry can bring benefits for us and keep this blog alive =)

……….. to be continued……..

Next post will be my sharing on preparation and the books that we can refer to prior our departure insyaAllah.


4 Responses to “Email and calls that changed a life”

  1. ジャジャ Says:

    hang bru start berblog ka? hehe..
    kalo ade mase singgah singgahla blog

    rindu kt kamu cik adik.. hehe

    • syafarah Says:

      waaaa, jaja!! lama tak dengaq cerita. pergh, mantap nya belog hmp. kiki

      dah lama dah blogging, since 2010. tapi ni blog khas untuk kizuna ja. forst time pakai wordpress. tak reti ah.

      eh, ni blog lama kami:

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